This is the scripts knowledge base of the Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language.

If you have scripts, tips and tricks or cheatsheets related to language documentation and research, we’d love to be able to share them here. To contribute, please email us or see the contribution pages for how to post to the knowledge base.


Set up Nectar

Nay San

Nectar, SSH, Setup

Various scripts for cleaning up the mor tier (CLAN)

Sasha Wilmoth

Appen, CHAT, CLAN, Gurindji Kriol, Python

Quick CLAN morcode lookup

Sasha Wilmoth

CHAT, CLAN, Gurindji Kriol, Python, Tutorial

The CoEDL corpus platform

Tom Honeyman

ANNIS, corpora, transcripts

Introduction to Git

Ben Foley, Nay San

Git, Version Control

excel2cha CLAN header generator

Jonathon Taufatofua

CLAN, Excel, metadata

Finding and correcting spelling in CHAT files

Sasha Wilmoth

CHAT, CLAN, Gurindji Kriol, Python, Spelling standardisation, Tutorial

Adding missing CV tier in ELAN

Sasha Wilmoth

Elan, Python

Did you know that the CoEDL site has lots of information about corpus guidelines and data archiving?


Humans Who Read Grammars

Guides by a couple of young linguists interested in language diversity and description.