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Various scripts for cleaning up the mor tier (CLAN)

Sasha Wilmoth

November 17, 2017

Quick CLAN morcode lookup

Sasha Wilmoth

October 12, 2017

Finding and correcting spelling in CHAT files

Sasha Wilmoth

August 29, 2017

Adding missing CV tier in ELAN

Sasha Wilmoth

August 24, 2017

Updating initials in ELAN tiers

Sasha Wilmoth

June 1, 2017

Quick automatic glossing in CLAN

Sasha Wilmoth, Simon Hammond, Hannah Sarvasy

May 30, 2017

Finding and correcting glossing inconsistencies

Sasha Wilmoth

May 26, 2017

Automatic alignment of audio and video

Sasha Wilmoth, Ola Olsson

May 9, 2017